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Wow! This is simply reward for likes, where you get reward for what you know about what you love. Very easy to play and then you get rewarded.
Sincerely! This idea is divine and an answer to my prayers. Piracy has eaten deep in to the industry. It's discouraging and sad.
Oseni aBI
EquityPadi is simple and user friendly. I was surprised when I saw my score and my position few seconds after I submitted.
Ekong Ubom
This platform is just on point. The video quality is it for me. Then, the fact that I could get my money back for taking a test.

Frequently Asked Questions

EquityPadi is a platform that allows creatives sell their arts directly and securely to their users(fans).

They also have the opportunity to give some moneys back from their earnings to their fans for their loyalty.

EquityPadi was developed to connect creatives and fans, taking off the influence of middle men, who make so much from creatives’ earnings and give them peanuts.

This in turn will reduce piracy to a large extent. Then, there are a whole lot of free content online today, this has and would in few years reduce what talented ,selfless and hard working creatives do for a living. A system with an automated loyalty or reward distribution system, will not only rekindle fans interest but make them more loyal to buy and keep buying what they like.

EquitiPadi is not a subscription platform. It’s a marketplace where you pay to have access to a digital product and also have the opportunity to get some money back from the creator’s earnings.

Yes! You pay for the digital product you want to have access to and then you can participate in the creator’s test of knowledge to earn.

The amount you earn is dependent on the number of users or fans who paid for access and then your position in the test of knowledge. Position is determined by your speed and accuracy during the test.

Your earnings is transferred to your EquityPadi Wallet and you can request for a withdrawal.

The system distributes 30% of the total earnings of the digital product in question to  all users who paid for access and also took the test your knowledge test. However, what each user gets is dependent on n (30% of n) and each user’s performance.

Then, it an automated and real time system. The system does the grading and distribution.

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