How it Works


EquityPadi is a fun, entertaining and educating App, that help users learn and test their knowledge. It helps develop logical thinking, attention, memory and imagination.

The  Word Game

Is a crossword game where a user is to type inn, the complete words from listed hints of words below. 

Play Alone

A user can take a test in his area of interest to test his/her knowledge. After the test, the user can see the questions he failed and corrections will be displayed to help him/her learn from the mistakes.

A user can test his/her knowledge as many times as he/she wishes. Most times, different questions are been asked.

Play with Others

A user takes a test of knowledge in his/her areas of interest with other users. This test is timed and graded in real time. At the end of the test, the users points, time spent on the test and positions are displayed and a congratulatory message, to say well done to the users. 


The users can check their usage and other details about the usage of the App on the score screen